Vincentia Sailing Club

Jervis Bay - Australia

Vincentia Sailing Club is located at Plantation Point, on the western shore of stunningly beautiful Jervis Bay. The scenery is magnificent and members enjoy sailing on an unpolluted, uncrowded waterway that is World class. Predominant breezes in summer are fresh North Easterly sea breezes which provide excellent sailing conditions. New members and visitors are welcome - Races are held most Sundays from September through to April.

A fleet consisting of Hobie 16s, Hobie 18s and Taipan 4.9s race regularly, but all classes of off the beach cat are more than welcome.
If you haven’t joined us on the beach at Vincentia, why not? We’re easy to find, and only two and a half to three hours from Sydney, south along the Princes Highway. The good folks at Google have done all the hard work and will give you directions from your door to our beach.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
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